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I am a reputation management and was paid only half of the money up fromt

The company had an image issue is so desperate to get their name cleaned up and have even joined the BBB after it was pressured by the Director.

Well the issue at hand is that the Director of the firm Dionne choyce is b3eing charged with get this

embezzling from homeless people

He was one of the chief directors of the Jubilee Restoration Inc in berkeley

He was served with a complaint and may face charges

I am assuming that this person has no concious

Review about: Dui And Criminal Defense.



No doubt this firm is crooked. A simple google search and here's a picture of these two who will snake your money and not return your calls. Office already has been just evicted and more to come...


This sounds like it may be a conspiracy with the same *** (which i use loosely)/*** that wrote the embezzlement article. If you did get five years it's because you were GUILTY.

I find it appalling in today's society that people feel like they shouldn't do the time if they have done the crime. It's my guess that Mr.

Choyce or his firm may have gotten you off with less time than you acutally deserved! Man up and take some responsibility for your actions be a responsible and productive citizen in life!


I hope he does not open a wikipedia page

He is all over google and has a twitter account now

The Choyce Law Firm

do not trust


what a fiasco

he and my husband were held in contempt of court

"The Choyce law firm" is a joke

Thought I watching my cousin vinny

Attorney Choyce is going to take the criminal path himself it looks like he learns alot from his clients

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